Founded in 1985 as a professional laundry  industrial in Taiwan, Hua Sin International Industrial has  become a pioneer in the development of innovative  washing and manufacturing system in a wide variety of  washing field. Over the years, PT. Hua Sin Indonesia  was established in 1998 at Jakarta, Indonesia to  enlarge our overseas market and provide honest  services at highly competitive rates.   Our laundry works normally in 24 hours with 3  shifts system, all machines and facility were import  from Italy, Spain and Taiwan. We can do all basic and  specialist washing such as denim wash, garment dye,  dip dye, tie dye, spray wash, nano wash, waterless wash, crinlke free, 3D crinkle, cold dye...etc.    We also take care about environmental issues motivated us to invested high art of technology  waste water treatment and solar power energy facility in our entire factory plans, it can be reduce  CO2 discharging, less carbon, as avoid any air pollution.   Below is more detail about us :  COMPANY NAME : PT. HUA SIN INDONESIA Read more >>>                     © PT Hua Sin Indonesia - Publishing Div Home About HS Wash Type SOP - Wash Green Factory About About HS