© PT Hua Sin Indonesia - Publishing Div Home About HS Wash Type SOP - Wash Green Factory Inspection Procedure Conduct a proactive meeting between Buyer and  Management of laundry, then with the supervisory staff and workers  for better managing the brand right wash product  Prepare and measure up standard, sample and all kind of preparation in order to minimize defect Train the QC and supervisors to meet Buyer’s expectation Supervisors / QC are also coached on method of reviewing the complete process after previous process. All QC are using yellow t-shirt uniform Calibrated roving QC are set to monitor the consistency. Ratio Operators : QC 1:14 (Depend on Style) Proper device with proper how-to-do-it example are set in place immediately in order to achieved better result at a process. Operators are re-calibrated onto the a process by qualified technician Select Skilled operators to utilized for proper process. All tools and operators are set in place & closely monitored by the supervisor. Ratio Supervisor : operators is 1:14 (Depend on Style) All process is being done through the right tools with selected skilled and calibrated operators 100% inspection is carried out after a process prior to next process 100% inspection are carried out after washing in order to ensure standard are met or if any reprocessing or correction is needed 100% inspection is also carried out by factory representative at the laundry facility in order to ensure that garment being dispatch are within the approval range of shade band Further random inspection are carried out by QA prior to dispatch. QA are calibrated by factory representative with regards to Buyer’s expectation