© PT Hua Sin Indonesia - Publishing Div Home About HS Wash Type SOP - Wash Green Factory Go Green - Waterless Washing How does machine work ? Air from atmosphere is transformed into a blend of active oxygen and ozone called ‘Plasma’. This  plasma is used to age garments. The plasma is transformed into purified air before it is returned to the atmosphere. What kind of  washing effects can it provide on the jeans ? It can be provide various effects on the jeans like ; Casting: Aged Cotton – unique yellow cast for true vintage looks in Pure Indigos. Gray casts for a retro look Cleaning: Removes back-staining & loose indigo without detergents. Bleaching / color-loss without any bleach chemical. Eliminates the need for Potassium - Permaganate spraying. Blacks and grey denim fade without turning brown. Eliminates yellow from bleach look. Improves crocking in dark finishes. Provides various other fashion finishes. The Waterless system brings current users to the pinnacle of environmental friendliness, giving  them a more efficient and responsible laundry system. The Waterless system allows users to  primarily wash in cold water, which drastically reduces energy use. Also, it is activates the wash  water, so less overall water and chemicals are required. Clothes coming out of an Waterless wash  retain less moisture, which reduces drying times as well. Water, energy and chemical usage are  dramatically reduced.  Safety : The Waterless system easily meets OSHA guidelines and provides an increased level of safety for  residents, guests, employees and our environment.The Waterless system is a safer alternative to traditional wash processes. The Faraday Ozone system: Meets stringent OSHA regulations Protects workers and residents from all harmful bacteria, including the super-bugs C .diff,  MRSA, Aspergillus niger, HIV, and Hepatitis. Environmentally safe :  Uses less energy Uses significantly less total water   Produces fewer gallons of waste water  Improves sewage quality